Colleen Love

Where Love is Magic



Colleen Love has always lived in her own fantasy world. Writing Contemporary Paranormal and Fantasy romance came as a natural part of her existence. Even while playing as a child, her world was enchanted by the Fae. Whether it was exploring the wild wood around her home, or wandering the vast Pacific beaches, life always seems to hold her under its enchantment.


Colleen's muse loves to be the creator of her own worlds with unusual and fantastic  characters. She likes to explore and breathe new life into old legends and stories that have faded into time, or something beyond what is here and now, maybe something that may have existed at one time, but no one really knows for sure. Add in a few monsters, sprinkle in a bit of magic, a warrior and a woman strong enough to counter the balance and there is the perfect story for her.

Colleen loves to spend time with her family and critters. She loves to garden and play in the dirt, work with horses and her other critters. She saves writing for rainy days, being from the Pacific Northwest she writes a lot.